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Investir à MIAMI: Nouveau pic prévu en 2017.Acheter aujourd'hui!.

"Il n'est pas trop tard pour investir à Miami , mais c'est maintenant qu'il faut acheter " .."On parle d'un nouveau pick en 2017. De belles plus values sont à réaliser dans les 5 ans avenir "
Brigitte R.

Miami Herald 09-19-2012


A housing market on the mend, needing more houses- 
In South Florida, the buyers are back, for the right price. With values still depressed, sellers aren’t eager to enter the market.
A lack of affordable condos — and not the European financial crisis — continues to hold back sales for Brigitte Respaut Degrave, who pairs French buyers with real estate investments in the Miami area. “Two weeks ago, I met a buyer in France,’’ she said. “He wanted to spend $150,000. It ended up being $350,000 for what he wanted.”
For Degrave, Europe’s financial woes have been a boon. “The Europeans are afraid of the euro,’’ she said. “They want to diversify.” 
 If South Florida home values continue rising at their current pace, it will be 2017 before they return to peaks hit in 2006, according to the latest results from the Case-Shiller real estate index. But numbers released Wednesday show the healing continues.

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These figures for August 2012 reflect increases from August 2011:
Condo sales in Broward: up 2.4%; Total number of sales: 1,419
Condo sales in Miami-Dade: up 8% to 1,492
House sales in Broward: up 15% to 1,369
House sales in Miami-Dade: up 5% to 1,059

SOURCE: Miami Association of Realtors

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Brigitte R.:

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