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Brigitte in The Miami Herald Newspaper

Paru dans le Miami Herald le 09-19-2012

A housing market on the mend, needing more houses- 

Il encore temps d' n'est pas trop tard , mais n'attendez pas !!!
In South Florida, the buyers are back, for the right price. With values still depressed, sellers aren’t eager to enter the market.


A lack of affordable condos — and not the European financial crisis — continues to hold back sales for Brigitte Respaut Degrave, who pairs French buyers with real estate investments in the Miami area. “Two weeks ago, I met a buyer in France,’’ she said. “He wanted to spend $150,000. It ended up being $350,000 for what he wanted.”

For Degrave, Europe’s financial woes have been a boon. “The Europeans are afraid of the euro,’’ she said. “They want to diversify.”

These figures for August 2012 reflect increases from August 2011:
Condo sales in Broward: up 2.4%; Total number of sales: 1,419
Condo sales in Miami-Dade: up 8% to 1,492
House sales in Broward: up 15% to 1,369
House sales in Miami-Dade: up 5% to 1,059
SOURCE: Miami Association of Realtors

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