jeudi 31 octobre 2013 Client's Testimony

October 31th 2013

In 2009 I lived in Shanghai and  I considered investing in the property market. At that time, I knew very little of the US property market and I did not have any contacts in Florida. I found Brigitte Respaut Clément founder of

From the moment we landed in Miami, my wife and I were taken care of by Brigitte which made things easy and pleasant at the same time. The investment trip also became a vacation trip. Brigitte had prepared a number of visits based on our budget and the type of investment we had in mind. We visited several properties everyday and we made a final choice a few days later. My wife and I were quite surprised by the space and quality of properties you can acquire in Miami with a budget much smaller than it would cost us to purchase the equivalent in France.

Brigitte also organized meetings with financial brokers and lawyers to handle the paperwork. Although purchasing a property is not without a certain amount of stress, it all went rather smoothly. I recommend to future buyers to have their financing ready before their trip. In particular if you are consider cash payment it is better to have the amount readily available because once you sign the purchase contract you will need to pay within a defined time period.

For the next 3 years following my purchase, I asked Brigitte and her team to rent the apartment on my behalf and I had to deal with a number of tenants with requests and issues. It was at time both annoying and time consuming but without the support of Brigitte in Miami it would have been more difficult.
This year, I decided to sell the Miami apartment to purchase a bigger home in Australia and it was sold within 2 or 3 months of being placed on the market. If I include the 3 years of rental, I did make a very comfortable profit even with a 20% tax on capital gain and the 6% agent fee.

In summary, in my experience investing in the Miami property market was a profitable venture and in all honesty could not have been possible without the support of Brigitte Respaut Clement and

Thank you to Brigitte and her team!


Testimony from Yann Dupeux – Past Owner of apartment #1506 at Mei Condominiums, 5875 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida. 
International division of Sterling Equity Realty 

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